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Car common faults of the solution

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1. The exhaust smoke: fault judgement: true failure. Cause analysis: show a rich mixture, incomplete combustion. The main reason is that the car engine overload, cylinder pressure is not enough, the engine temperature is too low, carburetor adjustment improper, air filter blockage, individual cylinder does not work and ignition too late. Ruled out, should check whether the choke is fully open in time, when necessary for maintenance; Look from the carburetor mouth primary nozzle after flameout, if there is oil outlet or drops of oil, the oil level of the float chamber is too high, should be adjusted to the prescribed scope, tighten or replace the orifice; Air filter blockage, shall be clean. Dredge or replacement.
2. Vehicle exhaust pipes of blue smoke: fault judgement: true failure. Analysis: the reason is due to a large number of oil into the cylinder, and could not complete combustion. Remove the spark plug, can be found serious carbon deposition phenomenon. Need to check whether the oil level of oil foot too high; Cylinder and piston clearance is too large; Piston ring is installed backwards; Into the valve guide whether wear or sealing ring is damaged; Cylinder cushion whether ablation etc, if necessary, should be repaired.
3. The vehicle exhaust pipe take white smoke, cold car, hot after the car did not take white smoke: fault judgement: false failure. Cause analysis: this is because the water is contained in gasoline, too cold and the engine, fuel into the cylinder at this time not complete combustion led fog or water vapor to form white smoke. Winter or the rainy season when the car launched for the first time, you can often see a row of white smoke. This does not matter, once the engine temperature, white smoke will disappear. This situation doesn't have to overhaul.
4. The engine noise is big, the vehicle when the first step on the accelerator, "RON." sound, engine compartment has the feeling of vibration. Fault judgement: the use of such failure. Cause analysis: lifting the vehicle, can see the bottom plate of engine knock against. If there are obstacles and force through the road, the engine will be knock against bottom plate. Bottom plate deformation with the engine oil pan after getting close, if the distance is too close, when accelerating the oil pan and the bottom plate collision will emit sound and make the body vibration. So, must observe the road driving, don't drag the bottom phenomenon occurs. Processing method: remove the bottom plate, flat correction.

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