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How to save fuel?[ 07-11 15:52 ]
When driving a vehicle, just a little note and can save fuel, simple introduce you to some energy saving method right now. (1). The low temperature start, need to go slow for a few minutes, such as engine the engine warm up fully speeded up. (2). The driving...
Why after the fuel gauge warning lights lit to go as soon as possible?[ 07-11 15:50 ]
(1). The fuel pump is mainly through the gas heat, lack of oil tank will cause fuel pump heat dissipation, long time operation easy to cause the fuel burned. (2). The traffic information display shows the driving range, is calculated according to the actual r...
Why do you want to keep tire pressure in the standard air pressure?[ 07-11 15:49 ]
The tyre is an important part of a relationship between the car safety. Tire pressure is wrong, when driving causes many adverse effects: (1). the tire pressure is too high, too low will lead to abnormal tyre wear, affecting the service life of tires; (2). t...
Car common faults of the solution[ 07-11 15:45 ]
1. The exhaust smoke: fault judgement: true failure. Cause analysis: show a rich mixture, incomplete combustion. The main reason is that the car engine overload, cylinder pressure is not enough, the engine temperature is too low, carburetor adjustment improper...
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